Electronic beats and noises

I enjoy making noise using all kinds of electronic equipment and software, and these are some results. I release my albums under the moniker Magnetic Inertia in an unfruitful attempt to make myself sound established and knowledgeable, which I’m not. All albums are available both for listening online here or for downloading from Bandcamp.


Miniature Planetarium

August 2012

An imaginary travel through our solar system. Feel the gravitational pull.

This album was created using U-He Zebra, Spectrasonic Omnisphere, Spectrasonic Trilian, FXpansion Tremor and Pianoteq. It was recorded, mixed and mastered in Studio One.


Ongoing album

Quick sketches to rehearse sounds and song ideas.

These tracks were made with a PC, a regular computer keyboard, U-He’s Dark Zebra and Renoise. Every sound was synthesized using just Zebra. If you like any of these and want it to be expanded into a full track, just tell me so.

The Green Notebook

Ongoing album

Quiet and calm tracks that don’t fit anywhere else.

These tracks were recorded using a Pianoteq/Yamaha P95 combo and a Korg M3. They were mixed and mastered in Audacity.


Ongoing album

Quick disposable experiments to rehearse sounds and song ideas.

Some fiddling with Renoise, Zebra2 and Valhalla plugins. Trying out the new “maybe” Yx feature in Renoise 3 to create random sequences.